The DOC NOW Festival celebrates the work of established and emerging documentary practitioners from Ryerson University’s Master of Fine Arts program in Documentary Media. Established in 2007, Ryerson’s Documentary Media program is the only MFA degree program in Canada dedicated to developing tomorrow’s documentary filmmakers and visual artists. The program contributes to Canada’s world-renowned reputation for excellence in documentary by nurturing new talent and fostering innovative critical approaches.

With 18 works in film, new media, photography and installation, this year’s edition of DOC NOW examines a wide range of subjects–from coping with mental illness, to a daughter’s search for her biological parents, to a portrait of an aspiring digital media artist striving to make a name for herself in a predominantly masculine videogames industry. It transports audiences to locations near and far, from the Telegraph Trail in the Yukon to the rural landscapes of Latvia to College Street in Little Italy, our own proverbial backyard. This collection of work engages discussion surrounding the current state of the documentary form, contributing to Canada’s longstanding history and leading role in the genre.

All screenings and exhibitions are free and open to the public.