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Artist Information

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Miya Akiyama  Aos Si

Katie Anderson  Text to Play

Kathryn Atkinson  Don’t Fix It

Gesilayefa Azorbo  Indie Womyn

Vivian Belik  Tracing Lillian

Siobhan Brannigan  A Positive From A Negative: Coping With Mental Illness

Giulia Ciampini  Senza Parole

Michèle Pearson Clarke  Parade of Champions

Karin Culliton  Moving Still Life

Chantal Dignard  Growing Pains

Briar Gorton  Parallel Lines

Jon Higgins  The Unspoken Known

Tariq Kieran  Windows to the Soul

Zile Liepins  No One Says Anything, Everyone Remembers Everything

Anna MacLean  Boom Baby, Boom

Vincenzo Pietropaolo Ritual: Good Friday in Toronto’s Italian Immigrant Community 1969-2015

Juan Pablo Pinto Mendoza  A Stranger’s Winter Tale

Kelly Showker  Etima