docnow 2017 / Cyéwmen

Artist Statement

Cyéwmen is a meditation on a cycle of sustenance woven through traditional knowledge of the Secwepemc—a people defiantly standing against the brutal efficiency of commercial fishing and resource extraction. For First Nations salmon are not a resource to be managed sustainably; they are beings in the world with inherent dignity and value in the eyes of the creator. Cyéwmen, an immersive installation experience, is an invitation to understand through one’s sensory experience and feeling of the world. It reflects a deeply Indigenous worldview, where the acquisition of knowledge is fluid and non-linear—the outcome of self-guided exploration.

About The Artist

Sean Stiller is a Canadian-Secwepemc filmmaker based in Toronto. As a Canadian of mixed heritage, Sean practices documentary as both insider and outsider—an insider through work with Secwepemc and other First Nations communities and as an outsider motivated by a keen curiosity and empathy. His work spans commercial projects, commissioned documentaries, and experimental short films. Sean’s work largely centers on Indigenous and social justice issues in Canada, as well as experimental and transmedia documentary practice.

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Sean Stiller

Project Type

June 7 – July 2, 2017

11am–6pm – Tues Thurs Fri
11am–8pm – Wed
12pm–5pm – Sat Sun

Opening Reception
6–8 pm – Thursday, June 8

Ryerson Image Centre Gallery
33 Gould St
Toronto, ON M5B 1E9
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