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Artist Statement

A rapper lands a million-dollar contract with the biggest label—everything is set for his ‘American Dream’, but he throws it away by betraying his bandmate. He falls into a pit of sorrow, sells and uses drugs, and lives a dissolute life that repeatedly lands him in jail. Then, after a 10-year hiatus he re-appears as a Christian minister and rapper and tries to live a righteous life. This is the story of a promising artist with talent beyond his years, of giving into temptation, and of a man’s attempt at redemption and a musical comeback.

About The Artist

Gabriel Waddington is a filmmaker and film historian. He is currently finishing his documentary on former Hieroglyphics member and ‘Golden Age’ rapper Extra Prolific (Snupe). Gabriel’s research interests include 5th Generation Chinese filmmakers, sound theory in cinema, post-war Italian cinema, the films of Seijun Suzuki, and hip-hop culture. Gabriel has directed and shot several short films, one of which was screened at the 2016 Ryerson Faculty Conference.

Gabriel Waddington

Project Type

June 21, 2017

Doors at 5:30 pm
6:15pm–6:45 pm

Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema
506 Bloor St W
Toronto, ON M5S 1Y3
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After Party
9–12 pm
Paupers Pub
539 Bloor Street W
Toronto, ON M5S 1Y6
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