docnow 2017 / Gone With The Madness

Artist Statement

Through drawn curtains and half closed doors, Gone with the Madness invites viewers to glance at an immense yet intimate depression. Life goes on inside slick apartments, under thick layers of cigarette smoke, among bottles of illegally purchased alcohol, but you cannot indulge in these scenes of hazy decadence for long. Sites of ruin leftover from the Gulf War, snapshots from Iran’s tense street life, and images of rapidly growing development sites in the suburbs of Tehran are there to remind the viewer of the deep rooted corruption and social and class struggles that are inherent in Iranian society.

About The Artist

Sardar Farrokhi is a Toronto-based photographer born in Tehran, Iran. Sardar’s passion for photography comes from a love of capturing life at its extraordinary moments and observing its endless conflicts. For years, Sardar has been interested in social issues and transitional cultures around the world and wants to help people through the use of a camera.

Sardar Farrokhi

Project Type

June 7 – July 2, 2017

10am–6pm – Mon Tues Thur Sun
10am–9pm – Wed Friday Sat

Opening Reception
4–7 pm – Saturday, June 10

Art Square
334 Dundas West
Toronto, M5T 1G5
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