docnow 2017 / On The Road to Virtue

Artist Statement

Meyer Brownstone, a social justice activist, has spent over seventy years fostering human development around the world. During the El Salvador civil war, he advocated for Salvadoran refugees confined to refugee camps in Honduras. Through photography and recordings, Brownstone documented the refugees’ immense capacity to build and maintain communities while combating military oppression. As Brownstone reflects on those experiences, he reminds us of the importance of documenting such situations and how this can lead to more compassionate political engagement. Brownstone’s commitment and passion remain relevant and cautionary, particularly as we confront the rise of intolerance and divisiveness in the world.

About The Artist

Peter Conrad is a Toronto-based filmmaker. His latest film, On the Road to Virtue, explores the power of documentation to promote positive human development and compassionate responses to refugee crises. Previous credits include Guarding a Musical Treasure, a journey into Baroque culture in Bolivia, and the science documentaries The Challenge of Quantum Reality and The Mystery of Dark Matter. His 1993 documentary English for Yu screened at the inaugural Hot Docs festival in 1994.

Peter Conrad

Project Type

June 21, 2017

Doors at 5:30 pm
6:30pm–9:00 pm

Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema
506 Bloor St W
Toronto, ON M5S 1Y3
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After Party
9–12 pm
Paupers Pub
539 Bloor Street W
Toronto, ON M5S 1Y6
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