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Artist Statement

Self is a visual-poetic photo-based project that became a challenge to a skilled and educated immigrant after years of an unpleasant experience in Canada. The concept involved creating a visual book with five chapters using self-portraits and photographs and mixing them with Persian poems, sound and music. These chapters tell a story of identity and personal background to present time, life and its challenges, and finally a view of future. This is a visual study of personal and social identity and a philosophical and meditative approach to the problematic definition of identity and self.

About The Artist

Masoud Eskandari is an Iranian-Canadian visual artist who holds a BFA and MFA in Photography and an MFA in Documentary Media. His works have been exhibited in Iran and Canada. After decades of experience in street photography and large format photography, Masoud has moved to conceptual art and video installations using photographs, text, sound, and music. Philosophical and meditative approaches to visual language and communication are integral themes in his work.

Masoud Eskandari

Project Type

June 6–30, 2017

Opening Reception
5–8 pm – Thursday, June 8

Image Factory
Ryerson University School of Image Arts
122 Bond St
Toronto, ON M5B 1E9
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